Mena Moves: UGA Africa Night 2017 [Video]

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This past Saturday, Mena Mode had the opportunity to be a designer in the Africa Night Show at the University of Georgia. We participated in the show last year, and when the fashion coordinators Nafisat and Michelle contacted us, we could not say no. We like to work with the students at the University of Georgia because they have a sense of professionalism that is unparalleled. We want to take time highlight this skill. In December, we received an email from the fashion coordinators explaining the concept of the show and the typical turnout. The shows are usually two nights (Friday and Saturday) and each show pulls an attendance of about 500 people. We were able to showcase 12 female designs and 4 male designs. The fashion segment was after intermission and was about twenty minutes with styles from five other designers. Mena Mode showcased some cocktail dresses, prom dresses, and some casual tops. With the chance to show 1000 people the brand, we like to present the wide breadth of designs that we carry. Last year was mostly all of the formal designs, so we were excited to switch it up this year.

This fashion show was also special because we showcased some designs from our new collection! This collection will carry more luxury and high-end fabrics and craftsmanship as seen with our black sequined jumper photographed below. Our founder, Melissa Issa-Boube, plans to use this line to broaden Mena Mode’s audience and clientele base. However, this is only the beginning. There are more ventures in store for Mena Mode as we make our mark in the ever-changing fashion industry. Once again we would like to thank UGA African Student Union, fashion coordinators, models, and more for bringing together such a wonderful production. Below are some photos and clips from the show.

The fashion show at UGA was our first for the year, but it will not be our last. We have been invited to attend some shows out of state, so stay tuned as Mena Mode goes national!

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