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Women's Initiative in Niger
Mena Mode will alleviate poverty in Niger by increasing economic leadership of women through fashion and business by building the first home economics school geared to helping women start their own businesses.

Young Girls in Niger


Specific Goals


Community Partners


Home Economics School

Fashion Design and Construction

Young girls will learn the craft of designing, pattern-making, and sewing. Assessments include creating a garment for the annual fashion show.

Parental Education

This course will focus on the importance of nutrition and hygiene. The girls will learn to make traditional dishes and have access to the clinic attached to the school.


Women will learn about production and consumption of goods and services tailored to the local economy. Course will also include money management. 

Status Quo

66% of the population lives on less than
$1.90 per day

Educational Gap
Men have twice the amount of schooling as women
Men also have twice the amount of secondary education as women

Economic Disparity

In 2015, the gross national per capita for men was
$1292 vs $461 for women

Youth Literacy Rates
36.43% males : 17.15% females
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Level 2 Classrooms
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Specific and Measurable Goals

Mena Mode will help
Alleviate Poverty in Niger

We have partnered with the NGO, Actions pour le Développement Intégré à la base (ADI), to seek talent. This NGO works to develop female leadership and improve the health outlook for women and infants.


This partnership will create a way for young girls to generate a stream of income for themselves and their families.


We have acquired the land for the school and store front. On the left are the initial sketches from the architect, and we are currently raising funds for the initiative to begin building May 2018.

Why ?

 Niger ranks nearly last on the Human Development Index due to poor scores on indicators for: health, education standard of living.


Niger also has the largest youth demographic in the world. Nestor Coffi, the former World Bank country manager for Niger, explains that investing in the youth is crucial for the prosperity and future of the country.


We are always looking for help with projects, events, and fashion shows. We need many volunteers to help organize these events and ensure a prompt completion of the building in Niger. 

We are working towards a fiscal goal to being the immediate construction of the vocational school to begin construction in May 2018.  Each donar will receive a monthly email blast about how their funds are being put to use.

We need a diverse group of partners to make this dream a reality. We are in need of more community partners, photographers, and bloggers. We are open and flexible

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Clinton Global Initiative

In October 2017, Mena Mode was invited to attend the Clinton Global Initiative conference in Boston, Massachusetts for our commitment to alleviate poverty in Niger through business and fashion. More...


One Young World : Niger Delegate

We have been selected to attend the One Young World conference in The Hauge.


CGIU Alumni Ambassador

August 2018 Our founder meets other changemakers at the Clinton Foundation Headquarters to expand CGIU and connect alumni.

Melissa Issa-Boube
Founder and Owner
Zeynabou Ali Amadou
Production Manager, Niger