WIN targets SDGs 1, 3, and 4 through business projects and technology.

Status Quo & Solution

According to UNICEF, Niger has the highest rate of child marriage in the world. Poverty, level of education, and polygamy are believed to some of the reasons for the child marriage rates in Niger.  Marriage can serve as a means for financial gain.

We believe that by providing women and children with sustainable job/business opportunities we can change the financial outlook of entire communities. We have initiated two online boutiques that have funded numerous projects that help the people in Niger in the areas of healthcare, poverty, and education.

- Melissa Issa-Boube, Founder and Owner

Project 1: Mena Mode

Mena Mode is a clothing line founded by Melissa Issa-Boube in 2015. She began the clothing line by teaching herself to design and sew items. After garnering support online, she employed women in Niger to help meet the demand. This projects has helped create jobs for women, and as the brand grows, its impact on women continues to grow. Video: 

Project 2: Mena Marché

Mena Marche is an online marketplace that provides vendors in developing countries a portal into the global economy to increase their profit margins. By focusing on women, a marginalized population, we are able to impact familes., and communities by extension. Below is a video of the first vendor to sign onto the marketplace.

Projects Funded by the WIN in 2019

Mosquito Nets

WIN partnered with JCI Niamey Elite to help donate more than 200 mosquito nets in the village of Sansane-Haoussa. We provided education about malaria and the dangers of the disease for children between ages 3-5.

School Supplies

We created back to school packages with pencils, pens, erasers, chalkboards, chalk, colored pencils, and more. We gave every student at Orphelinat Le Bon Sumaritan school supplies. We also gave packages, donated backpacks, clothes, and shoes to many students in Bukoki. We helped over 195 students pepare for their return to school.

Feminine Hygiene

WIN created mentrual packages with pads, tampons, and pantiliners for of-age school girls. We provided education about the reasons for stomach cramps, how frequently to change tampons, and proper disposal of the sanitary products. We created enough 2 month supply packages for 26 girls.

The Ambulance

Sansane-Haoussa is a village located about 1 hour from Niamey. Sansane Haoussa relied on the abulance from Tillabéri to transport patients to Niamey becasue their are no permanent doctors in the village. WIN helped to repair the ambulance to working condition so that patients from Sansane-Haoussa can have reliable transportation for healthcare emergencies.

Mosquito nets

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